What Is U=U?

U=U stands for Undetectable=Untransmittable.

What this means is that if an individual is HIV positive, takes their treatment regularly, and maintains an undetectable viral load, they can have sex knowing that they won’t pass HIV to their sex partner. In short, when HIV is undetectable, it’s untransmittable.

U=U is a campaign to raise awareness to the advancements in medicine that make it possible for an individual with HIV to lower their HIV viral load so much so that they cannot spread HIV to their partners.

U=U is supported by scientists, advocacy groups, and public health professionals across the world. Multiple long term research studies have been performed and all show that once HIV is not detectable with normal blood testing, that you cannot pass HIV to others.

The science shows that HIV treatment for yourself means HIV prevention in others.

What does this mean for me?

U=U means that if you or a partner has HIV it is untransmittable as long as individuals are properly taking their medication.

Think of it this way! If everyone who had HIV got tested and everyone with HIV took their antiretroviral therapy (ART), this would mean that HIV could no longer be spread, therefore completely eradicating HIV from our society all together!

Where Can I Find More Info On U=U?