The choice on whether to medically transition is an important one, and only one that you can answer. There is often pressure within the community, and in society to conform to binary standards of gender. For individuals of the trans community to undergo all forms of medical transition. As a transgender individual, you need to assess for yourself what forms of medical transition are avenues that you want to pursue for yourself, which may look different than other people’s choices. Gender is an expansive spectrum of unique identities and expressions that cannot be described by simple terms, and what you choose to do is valid, including choosing to not undergo specific procedures.

The Information below is a quick summary on the process of transitioning, but for more detailed information, please check out our other pages under Trans Health.

Make An Appointment With A Psychologist

You can work with your psychologist, and if diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria, you can then referred to family doctor with a supporting letter.

Direct Appointment With A Family Doctor

You can make a direct appointment with your doctor, and pursue a Gender Dysphoria diagnosis through a Gender Specialist.

You can then either choose to:

Engage in Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT) Directly through your Doctor.

Be Referred to a Gender Specialist.

HRT involves conducting blood tests to obtain the prescription. Your family doctor is a relatively accessible, low-wait time medical professional, but they often cannot help you follow through with Gender Confirmation Surgeries. The Gender Clinic is only accessible through Calgary, and often has high wait times. So you need to weigh the options of what you are looking to do long term, and the pros and cons of wait times and service.

Referral To Gender Specialist

The Gender Specialist can help you get diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria, help you track Real Life Experience, and then provide referrals to several other specialists depending on your needs.

Voice Specialist – To help with Voice Therapy during HRT

Endocrinologist – A more specialized individual to access HRT instead of your family doctor

Referral to Surgeon – Top Surgery (For Female to Male Transitions)

Gender Confirmation Surgery

Once you have gained a year of Real Life Experience, you can engage in pursuing Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS).

Your Gender Specialist will arrange for you to meet with a separate gender specialist for a second opinion.

The second specialist will then provide a recommendation to the Centre Metropolitain de Churgie in Montreal to provide Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS), and a recommendation to AHS to cover the cost of GCS.


There is a significant wait time for the surgery (2+ years), in which you’ll be notified when you are closer to your surgery dates, will have blood tests and clinic work with your GP in preparation.

You can also be referred to a surgeon for a Hysterectomy (Female to male Transition).