The Queer Health Program is dedicated to identifying & addressing gaps within health services for queer individuals within the Lethbridge Area. The program is focused on providing services for the physical, sexual, mental, and social health for those in need. 

This is done through education, advocacy, & support.

Originally stemming from the position of Gay Men’s Health, the Queer Health Program was created to address the greater needs of the overall queer community, focusing on gaps for all individuals regardless of sexual or gender identity.

Remy Quiroga (They/Them)
is a non-binary queer activist and the Queer Health Coordinator for Lethbridge ARCHES, developing and operating the Queer Health Program. Remy has a diverse background in Biochemistry, Social Work, and Sex Education, providing support and education to diverse populations across North America. Enthusiastic, elated, and expressive, they are passionate about developing holistic supports around queerness, bringing awareness to accessibility, and fostering visibility of queer identities. When they aren’t working, they enjoy photography, cooking, and performing at local queer venues.

We offer a number of supports in the Lethbridge area including

Sexual Health Questions

STI Testing

Safer Sex Supplies

Accessing Queer Resources

Coming Out Supports

Peer Counselling

& More


We also provide free community education on a number of topics including

Queer-inclusive Sexual Education
Youth Sex Education
& More

If you, or someone you know needs support with any of the above, or not sure where to find support, please email