Finding a safe business to engage in as a queer individual can be challenging. It is often that individuals face discrimination, active resistance or erasure, and even violence when navigating their city to access everyday services. This directory is created as a way of facilitating the needs of queer individuals who are looking for an affirming space to be and to support, regardless of if you are actively queer-identifying, closeted, or questioning. Although this resource has been put together, it is important that each individual trusts their own judgments and experiences to decide for themselves which businesses and organizations serve them the best.

This directory represents local businesses and organizations that are open and accepting of queer individuals, and who are also open to learning more about how they can provide better support for those in the community. By providing free supports to those businesses who do want to do well, it fosters positive relationships in our community, and develops more affirming businesses.

This is a living document that will be continually updated as our community, and businesses evolve. If your business or organization strives to be queer-affirming, we’d love to have you fill out our form and be added to our directory! 

If you had any questions about the free supports provided to businesses, please contact us at

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