Are you a queer individual who just moved to Lethbridge? Have you always been in Lethbridge but recently came out? Whether you’re new to the queer community or Lethbridge as a whole we want to say welcome! The Lethbridge queer community is a passionate, dynamic, and awesome place to be! Our goal is to help you navigate the queer community to find people, spaces, and events that make you feel right at home.

Compared to many larger metropolitan areas, the Lethbridge queer community can often be perceived as more “underground” due to Lethbridge’s strong conservative and religious communities. Although Lethbridge’s queer community is smaller than many larger cities’, the community here is absolutely radical and full of resiliency and love. Our community is normally found in smaller social settings, but there are many awesome events and spaces that give opportunities to meet and mingle with incredible queer folks! That’s why we’ve curated a calendar of events, list of queer-affirming businesses, and local queer organizations to help you get connected. Whether it’s advocacy, volunteering, support, or friends you’re looking for, the Lethbridge queer community has something for everyone.