If you believe you have been exposed to HIV, please stay calm.

Call 403-328-8186 for ARCHES direct line, or 403-332-0722 for on-call if it is a weekend.
Ask for a nurse or a health coordinator, and say you have been exposed to HIV, and need help navigating the system.

Important Locations to consider for support

ARCHES: 1206 6 Ave S

Chinook Regional Hospital (Emergency): 960 19 St S

Lethbridge Community Health Site/Health Unit (Train Station Clinic): 801 1 Ave S

Possible HIV exposure methods

Unprotected sex (Receptive/insertive anal, vaginal, oral, sexual abuse/rape)

Occupational exposure

Needle poke or injection


PEP is a drug treatment that can prevent an HIV exposure. You have 72 hours to take this medication, however the sooner the better.

PEP can have some very negative side effects, therefore we have to go through certain guidelines before giving you the drugs. We will help identify your risk level by examining the source and the behaviour involved, as well as perform some tests on your kidney function and current HIV status.

PEP is shown to be very effective to prevent HIV contraction. For more information read our information page on PEP.